Schifffahrt Familie Müller - Weissensee

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The Aplenperle is Austria's first and finest electric hybrid passenger ship!

This enables the saloon to be totally barrier-free with no steps obstructing the path from the bow to the stern of this extremely innovative ship.

However, the most talked about innovation of this special ship is the environmentally friendly hybrid drive. In electric mode, the ship glides through the nature park with zero emissions and is almost silent. A battery system supplies the electric motor (Kräutler from Austria) and also serves as an energy source for the entire on-board power. Our very own small family owned hydropower plant located on Weissensbach (small stream outflow of the Weissensee) recharges the battery system with green electricity at night.

MS Alpeneperle is partly driven by the power generated by Weissensee water!

Generous space, flexible seating, large awning, barrier-free toilet facilities, changing table and also a small children's play area are all included in this high-quality equipment environment. The spacious on-board restaurant offers a wide variety of coffees, a envious selection of home-made pastries, beer on tap, fine wines and mixed drinks as well as many other cold drinks and snacks.

We look forward to meeting you on board!